Folding doors

VERTIGO Vertigo is a revolutionary industrial door designed to finally solve the space problem inside the building. Thanks to the exclusive patented opening system, it reduces the side and top dimensions, optimizing space to the maximum possible extent. Vertigo is made of 55mm thick mono-block panels, provided with a newly designed internal load-bearing frame. The movement system involves the use of 20mm diameter […]

Fire doors

We keep You protected Kinema fire doors offer protection, reliability and choice. These high-specification doors are made from galvanised steel finished in a powder-coated primer as standard. Galvanised and powder-coated frames are also supplied as standard, with alternative seals, framing and sill options available to suit individual applications and fire ratings. A wide choice of […]

Agri covers

What are Agri covers used for? Wind protection meshes are widely used for livestock houses, riding halls and storage sheds. When tensioned, they form an effective wind and weather barrier while still allowinglight and air into the building. The fixed, stretched cover offers the most economical option for closing off a wall area. The highly […]

Freezer and chillroom doors

Overhead, tilting and sliding freezer doors can be used for cold stores. We offer a variety of special solutions for cold stores where the temperature drops below -60C and for cooling premises, where the temperature totals to -60C. No differences can be found in the operation principles of different freezer door types. The only difference […]

Speedroller doors

Fast logistic solutions Working efficiently means working economically. Our speedroller doors help you improve your logistic performance. We offer a customized solution for almost every situation. Our in-house research and development departments respond alertly to changes in the requirements that rapid roll doors have to satisfy. No matter the weather Industrial buildings already have to […]

Canvas doors

Large opening, minimalistic solution Kinema offers a wide variety of door and partition solutions for warehouses. Lightweight plastic doors and partitions are also available for outdoor storage where minimal weather-resistance is required; alternatively, the PVC fabric can be replaced by a protective mesh designed especially for doors, or a combination of PVC fabric and mesh can be used. […]

Agri doors

What are Agri doors? Though extremely light, fabric doors make no compromises in terms of stability. Moreover, through the appropriate choice of fabric, these doors can also take on a ventilating function. The doors open from the bottom upwards and are available in various models: with hand winch / electrical control, with / without lateral […]

Agri ventilation systems

How the ventilation system works? The side ventilation systems mainly feature “top opening” and “bottom opening” roll-up assemblies. Variants with a central roller are also available for larger opening heights. The greatest flexibility in terms of opening position is offered by the “top and bottom opening – central roller” model. All systems can be fitted […]

Industrial automatics

Versatile, compact and full of accessories The physical conformation of the system integrates it perfectly with a vast range of accessories that enable it to be tailored to the most widely varying operating needs. The compact structure and modest size of the structure enables it to be installed even in small and narrow spaces.


Bollards are distance-operated automatic devices, featuring a metal cylinder, which is highly reliable to crashes and collisions with means of transport and completely weather resistant. Barrier posts have two possible “positions”- Up- preventing the traffic and down, when You can allow the traffic to pass. What is the application area of bollards In embassies, residences […]