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Tested quality guarantees convenience and security for many years.

Because everyone is different, each of us has our own ideas of what we need, and what not. And since the structural conditions are not identical in every garage, we offer a diverse range of accessories to enable you to equip our systems with the features you require. Here we offer some of the most important accessories. Controls can also control exterior garage lighting. LED lighting kits, for example, are available. Rolling-code-system for complete safety against scanning. Frequency for the controllers is 433 Mhz.

Be on the safe side

The safety of an automatic garage door system is just as important as its comfortable operation. Contactless optic-sensors are installed with relatively little effort and secure the area of movement of the door leaf. With an emergency unlocking feature, you can open the garage door from the outside in the event of a power cut, even if the garage does not have a second access door.

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