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What are Agri covers used for?

Wind protection meshes are widely used for livestock houses, riding halls and storage sheds. When tensioned, they form an effective wind and weather barrier while still allowinglight and air into the building. The fixed, stretched cover offers the most economical option for closing off a wall area. The highly UV-resistant, made-to-measure wind protection fabrics are provided with open hems and weather strips at the edges, and are tensioned by ratchets to ensure that the cover remains permanently taut.

How is it made?

The welted edges of the cover are held in aluminium rails and the assembly tensioned by ratchets so as to ensure that the mesh remains permanently taut, without folds or creases. The covers – which range from simple rectangles to asymmetrical polygons and feature meshes in different colours with varying wind-shielding performance – are purpose-manufactured to the customer’s specifications at our weaving mill.

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