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Large opening, minimalistic solution

Kinema offers a wide variety of door and partition solutions for warehouses.

Lightweight plastic doors and partitions are also available for outdoor storage where minimal weather-resistance is required; alternatively, the PVC fabric can be replaced by a protective mesh designed especially for doors, or a combination of PVC fabric and mesh can be used. This minimises the effect of wind loads on the door and also allows light and air to circulate in the structure. The mesh is dense, which helps to stop snow and rainwater from penetrating the building. The door can also be fi tted with a transparent PVC window. Mesh solutions are also ideal as partitions in large spaces. As for custom-designed doors, there are no limitations for dimensions and wind load.

Our fold-up door technology is ideal for large special doorways required within the industrial sector. Craneway solutions are especially designed to do away with the problems traditionally associated with craneways. Large industrial halls where cranes are used can be divided with specialist door solutions that cover both the crane-ways and access doorways with a single fold-up door assembly. The door can also be used separately and the whole door can be raised when the crane-way is in use. This solution is extremely practical and flexible.

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