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Vertigo is a revolutionary industrial door designed to finally solve the space problem inside the building. Thanks to the exclusive patented opening system, it reduces the side and top dimensions, optimizing space to the maximum possible extent.
Vertigo is made of 55mm thick mono-block panels, provided with a newly

designed internal load-bearing frame.
The movement system involves the use of 20mm diameter pins and lifting is

by means of a chain drive. The absence of torsion springs and hoist cables drastically reduces the need for maintenance.


Kinema Essentia is the simplified version of the folding door with 2+2, 2+1, 2+0, 1+1 leaf arrangements and is the ideal solution for medium sized openings.
Ergonomic, user-friendly, very competitive. Essentia has been designed to provide the highest quality product at a competitive price as well as being installed easily in the minimum amount of time thus keeping installation costs to a minimum.
The product safety features together with the thermal insulation value, the wind load resistance and the durability are perfectly inline with the Superthermic range of products

  • Surface finish in embossed steel sheet
  • 90 degree opening
  • Options: wicket door (with or without threshold), glass windows, electrical operation
  • Maximum opening size 5900mm wide x 5200mm high offering clear opening size of 5500mm wide x 5050mm high)


Sliding system by means of an exclusive top rail in galvanized steel.

  • reduced headroom needed (150 mm)
  • automation by drive unit with exclusive system of “arm traction”
  • opened leaves can be stored either at 90° or 180°
  • Side frames in galvanized steel with compensation seals and brackets with slots for an optimal adjustment during installation.
  • Closing system with shoot bolt.
  • Floor fixing secured by a strike plate and keep in nylon plastic.

Framed door with glass Door leaves consist of a frame of powder-coated steel profiles glazed with safety glass, double glazed glass or steel sandwich panel.


The ideal folding door for large openings.

Top rail manufactured from galvanized steel, painted in black color, equipped with door leaves deflector and storage arrangement designed in accordance with the number and size of the leaves.
Fully adjustable roller trolleys are fitted with adjustable 20 mm diameter pins.
Electric Operation Provided with either 415v 3PHNE or 240v single phase motor driving the traction chain system with manual override in the event of power failure.Floor rail made of galvanized steel. Rollers with ball bearings easy to adjust or change.
Heavy duty floor tracks are available, reinforced in case of traffic with heavy loads.

  • Opening to one or both sides
  • Manual with provision for drive unit or electrically operated
  • Maksimaalne kõrgus 10 m


High insulation properties

ISOMAX provides a unique industrial door with a higher thermal insulation value, unchanged technical specification and unbelievable robustness.
The new structure of panels with thermal break cut technology allows to upgrade all type of industrial folding doors with great thermal insulation characteristic, maintaining the doors robust construction, (durability and wind load resistance).


System for joining door panels by means of contrast plates perfectly hidden by the EPDM seals (inner side).This gives the door a special “folding effect” so it is possible to combine different door concepts in the same building facade and keep a harmonized and minimalistic outlook.Exclusive top rail with:

– reduced headroom needed (150 mm)
– provision for automation (motor with chain drive)

  • Opening to one or two sides
    • With or without bottom rail
  • Manual operation with optional electrical drive
    • Maximum height 10m


Opening with one or two leaves (the secondary leaf is provided with up/down shoot bolt) made of 52mm thick  insulated panel.

Manufactured from an aluminum frame with 90° mitred corners (powder coated
black as standard, other colours available on request), the door is designed for easy and quick installation.  Lock system with panic bar assembly.

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