Repairs and maintenance


Kinema maintenance

Ovearhead doors can be the largest and heaviest moving part of most buildings. Doors can be either sectional (rolling) or single piece (swing out).

Most doors today are opened and closed by electronic openers. Springs, cables and other hardware counterbalance the door’s weight and assist in lifting and closing the door. The garage door moves up and down via rollers on metal tracks.

Our maintenance contract will guarantee the long life-span!

Different maintenance contracts for different type of doors

Maintenance for a private garage door
Maintenance for industrial systems
Maintenance for parking systems, gate operators and barriers
“All in One” maintenance

You can order a maintenance technician even without a contract, to help You.

When can I call Kinema?

Call 12160 (in Estonia) and we register  the call and the help will arrive in 24h, depending on the location of the client.

You can also call after or before the working hours, but then there will be a technician to provide help on the phone and will drive to the location, to eliminate the problem.

Our maintenance and installation team is experienced and ready to respond immediately and fix the most complicated problems and errors.

To provide a fast and efficient maintenance and installation service, we have created an effective warehouse and data system to guarantee the most used spare parts availability for Your door.