Efficient Solutions for Natural Ventilation and Openings Covering in Agricultural Buildings

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Farmers and livestock producers face several challenges when constructing buildings and facilities, including balancing between establishing ventilation systems and sealing entrances/exits. This balance must consider functionality, durability, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness while ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Creating optimal environmental conditions in barns is often underestimated. With the increasing likelihood of hot summers, temperatures in barns can dangerously rise, and insufficient ventilation can harm livestock health. Poor indoor climate may cause heat stress and significantly reduce animal welfare. Combining correctly chosen agricultural ventilation products makes it possible to achieve natural ventilation, air circulation, and appropriate air temperature in barns. Additionally, dust and toxic gases are removed from the building. Natural ventilation is achieved through the use of curtains and windbreak nets, which regulate the amount of air and protect animals from direct wind.

Agricultural ventilation products

Agricultural ventilation products are made from weather-resistant materials, offering various opening methods and models. These products are custom-made according to the opening size and can include automation, temperature, wind, and rain sensors.


Agri doors are suitable for agricultural buildings

Selecting the right products is crucial to control energy costs and simplify daily operations. Agri doors are often made of textile, are durable against strong winds and scorching sun, and are designed with challenging conditions in mind. These doors are ideal for places where the opening is wide and tall, suitable for use in livestock breeding and storing feed and agricultural machinery. Agri doors are incredibly lightweight, opening from the bottom up. The product range includes winch and electrically operated agri doors, enhanced with horizontal rigidity sections. The top shaft supports the door’s total weight, moving along aluminum side rails and protected against excessive wear with special seals. The door is moved by a tube shaft end motor, controlled manually or by remote control.

Agri covers or windbreak nets

Agri covers, or windbreak nets, are primarily used in agricultural buildings to protect animals from wind and rain in barns, stables, and storages. Agri covers on openings protect against weather conditions while allowing air and light into the building. Compared to tarpaulin covers, agri covers are more durable over time and require no maintenance. Made with UV protection and always in the right size, the covers have precise edges, allowing the cover to be tensioned as needed. Agri covers withstand strong wind drafts, staying in place even in stormy weather. The materials used in the product are tested for use in challenging conditions. The design allows the cover to be rolled up at the top edge of the opening, then takes up minimal space. Products are always made considering the specific measurements of the opening.


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