With automation, you make doors and gates more functional, convenient, and secure.


Loading systems

Loading systems enhance the efficiency and safety of loading and unloading goods in various settings. These systems include dock levelers, dock shelters, loading ramps, and other equipment designed to streamline logistics operations. Automated loading systems can be integrated with your facility’s overall workflow to reduce manual labor and improve turnaround times.



Barriers and bollards


We offer a wide range of automatic barriers for various traffic and parking solutions. To ensure effective control and monitoring of vehicle entry and exit, our barriers include options with arms up to 8 meters long for large vehicles, and some models have opening times as fast as 2 seconds. Our innovative parking barriers are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial use.


We offer a wide range of bollards for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, from parking lot security to protection against attacks. Our selection includes hydraulic, semi-automatic, and fixed versions. Our bollards have multiple uses and are designed to enhance safety and security in various settings.



Remote controls

We offer a variety of remote controls designed to enhance the convenience and security of your automatic systems. These remotes are compatible with our range of barriers, bollards, gates, and other automated systems, providing easy and efficient control. Our remote controls are user-friendly and reliable, ensuring smooth operation for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Automation for remote control can be added both during initial installation and later, even if the door or gate is already in use. While remote controls are common, innovative solutions are increasingly in demand. Instead of a remote, you can opt for a smart solution, enabling you to open, close, and monitor the door’s position via smartphone or tablet, regardless of your location. Our range includes remotes for up to 999 industrial doors.