Bollards posts

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Automatic bollards posts resemble metal cylinders and are fully programmable or can be remotely controlled. They are designed to withstand impacts with vehicles and are fully weatherproof.

Compared to regular or barrier gates, bollards are more effective. Bollards have two positions. When the bollard is extended, it blocks access to vehicles, while still allowing non-motorised transport modes to pass. When the bollard is retracted, i.e. flush with the ground, it allows access to all vehicles and modes of transport.


Application areas of bollards posts

  • For securing embassies, residences, government buildings, military units, and areas surrounding prisons.
  • For protecting pedestrians and VIP parking areas near banks, hotels, airports, ports and other public buildings.
  • For protecting and securing old town areas, sightseeing objects, pedestrian zones and other sensitive areas under the responsibility of municipal agencies.
  • For parking management and vehicle theft prevention in shopping centres and car dealerships.

Extremely durable

Bollards posts are made from highly durable and weatherproof material. Bollards posts are installed underground and automated to move up and down. Compared to other traffic-management devices, bollards require the least amount of space. Bollards posts with heating and lighting are available. Bollards with heating ensure the functioning of the device in winter.

Kinema’s product range includes painted steel and stainless steel bollards posts. Bollards posts can be controlled and operated in a variety of ways: by means of a remote control, magnetic card, programmable clock, or a GSM device.


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