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Industrial door operator

Adding operators to industrial doors is the easiest way to open and close industrial overhead doors with just one press of a button.

Kinema offers a range of MFZ OVITOR industrial operator equipment made in Finland that is top-class in terms of both quality and properties.

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Sliding and swing door automation

Our product range includes FAAC operating systems for sliding and swing doors which are characterized by superb and diverse electronics, innovative door opening solutions for emergency situations, and locking for electric motors. FAAC automatic door openers for sliding and swing doors are ideal for use in shops, offices, medical facilities, and the like.

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Gate operators

When choosing fencing for your home or office, consider only the best solutions and whether you wish to install a sliding or swing gate. A smart combination of our gate operators, access systems and accessories with your building creates a fully custom solution tailored to your needs that ensures safety and security for years to come.

We offer the products of the leading manufacturer of gate-automation products in Europe, FAAC, which can be conveniently used to open gates without stepping out of the vehicle. Electro-mechanical and hydraulic gate operators are available. We offer a wide variety of gate operators for gates of different use frequency, weight and application.

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Accessories for operators

If you are looking to upgrade your gate or door security systems, accessories for operators are for you. We have a wide selection of products that allow you to create your own bespoke solution. Available products are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

With the help of automation accessories, you can create a custom automation system for your gate or overhead door.


Remote controls

With a remote controlled system, there is no need to get out of the vehicle to open the gate or overhead door. Remote control systems can be added to doors and gates both upon initial installation and after installation when the door or gate is already in use. Remote controls are very popular nowadays; however, more and more people are looking for novel solutions. Instead of a remote control, a smart solution can be used. This means that you can use a smartphone or tablet to open and close the door and check its position regardless of your location. In addition, there are a variety of remote control options for opening and closing industrial doors. Our product range includes remote controls for operating up to 999 overhead doors.