Scissor lifts

30 years experience
18 helpful technicians
16 00 maintenance and repair work per year

Dimensions according to opening size

Scissor lifts are used to move goods and products between different levels in warehouses and production halls. Compared to cargo lifts, the advantages of scissor lifts are smooth movement, the option to stop them at any position, and the affordable price.

Our product range includes scissor lifts manufactured by a Swedish company, Marco. Marco is a leading manufacturer of scissor lifts in Scandinavia whose long-term experience in the field delivers high-quality and easy-to-operate scissor lifts.


Stability as a measure of quality

All standard scissor lifts are made from high-quality components which ensure the reliability, durability and safety of the equipment in accordance with CE marking requirements.

The scissors of scissor lifts are made from high-quality steel channels, with rollers placed inside the channels. Such a solution ensures the stability of the scissor lift, preventing it from tipping over. Double anodised rollers perfectly balance the load, eliminate transverse loads, and extend the operational life of the product.


Smooth and accurate motion

The scissors of scissor lifts provide smooth performance and motion accuracy exactly where it is needed:

  • square steel profiles of the scissor arms enhance lateral stability;
  • well-designed grease fittings and anodised pins extend the service life of the equipment;
  • the cylinders of scissor lifts feature a stop function for smooth performance;
  • scissor lifts have motor protection to prevent overheating as well as a upper travel limit switch;
  • adjustable compensated flow control valve ensures constant lowering speed regardless of the load.

Custom solution that meets your needs

All Kinema scissor lifts, including their electrical components, have an IP54 rating. Scissor lifts guarantee your safety when used in accordance with safety requirements. Safety devices include: aluminium profiled safety frame, dead man’s switch, safety props, hose burst valves and other safety elements to prevent lift drop in the event of hose burst. The steel lift features a steel base frame, steel scissors and a platform. Hydraulic cylinders are used to move the device. Scissor lift accessories include, among other things, barrier rails, gates, and roll-off guards.

According to the client’s needs, we offer scissor lifts with standard and custom size lift tables, as well as variants with different lift strokes and capacities. Product price depends on the size of the platform, the lift stroke and capacity. Proper use and regular maintenance guarantee the decades-long service life of the scissor lift.