Dock levellers

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Wide selection

Dock levellers are used to bridge the gap between the loading platform and the truck.

In the selection of dock levellers, the following aspects should be taken into account: everyday needs, the design of the building, intensity of traffic, the types and heights of vehicles, and the properties of the vehicles used for loading.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality dock levellers manufactured in co-operation with the leading manufacturers in Europe.


Best features

  • Dock levellers adapt to the angle of the vehicle bed, adjust their position sideways, and create a stable connection with the vehicle bed;
  • transverse dock levellers are fully supported in a horizontal position, achieving full capacity;
  • hydraulic cylinders and electronic controls are used for the raising and lowering of dock levellers.

For both concrete openings and metal frames

The dock levellers offered by Kinema OÜ are durable and have low maintenance costs. These are ideal for clients who value quality and reliability. Hinge lip and telescopic lip dock levellers are available.

We install dock levellers into concrete openings and on metal frames. All dock levellers are powder coated, but levellers with galvanised coating can also be ordered. Standard colours are RAL9005, 7016, 5010.


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