Industrial folding doors

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Industrial folding doors are suitable for industrial and commercial buildings. Folding doors are an ideal solution for spaces where there is not enough overhead space above the opening for overhead doors.

Folding doors have great thermal insulation and can be used as both internal and external doors. To minimise heat loss during colder seasons, the doors can be partially opened.

ISOMAX industrial folding doors have a higher-than-normal thermal insulation value, steady technical specifications and they are extremely robust and reliable. Panels with thermal protection technology and new structure can be used to add modern insulating properties to industrial folding doors while retaining their robust structure, durability, and wind resistance.


Folding doors:

  • Coated with painted steel sheets and filled with thermal insulating materials.
  • Installed on the exterior or interior wall of the building.
  • Door leaves open at a 90° or 180° angle.
  • Maximum height of 10 m, made according to the dimensions of the building.
  • Our product range includes seven standard colours, but doors with other colours can also be ordered upon request.
  • Automatic opening system

As an option, we also offer automatic folding doors with a lever drive system.

The side jambs of the door are made from galvanised steel and fitted with seals and brackets with adjustment holes to allow for optimal adjustment of the door during installation. The floor mount includes a strike plate and nylon plastic pivot. The framed door with glazed panels consists of a powder-coated steel profile frame glazed with safety glass, double glazed panels, or steel sandwich panels.