Industrial doors

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Industrial overhead doors

Maximize efficiency and minimize costs in your industrial facility with our top-quality overhead doors.

As a building professional, you understand the importance of selecting the appropriate lift type for optimal logistics processes and cost-effectiveness. Our overhead doors are a common solution for exterior openings and offer numerous benefits, including a polished appearance, robust protection, and energy-efficient insulation. Our overhead doors are not only secure but also user-friendly.

Kinema offers a comprehensive range of options to meet any application, and we also provide custom designs to accommodate even the most complex and specific requirements, all while maintaining the highest standard of safety. Choose Kinema for a reliable and efficient overhead door solution.


Fire resistant sliding door

Ensure the safety and protection of your industrial or commercial building with Kinema’s fire resistant sliding doors.

These doors are specifically designed for use in buildings and rooms with fire resistance requirements. Our fire resistant sliding doors are reliable and offer robust protection, making them the perfect solution for a variety of applications. As a standard, our steel fire doors meet high requirements and are finished with durable powder coating for added longevity. Trust Kinema for top-quality fire resistant sliding doors to keep your building and occupants safe.


Rapid roll doors

Improve energy efficiency and create a more controlled environment with Kinema’s rapid roll doors. These doors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them the perfect solution for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Studies have shown that rapid roll doors can significantly reduce energy consumption in industrial buildings. They are ideal for use in industries such as food production and manufacturing.

Our airtight rapid roll door solutions are also suitable for businesses that require dust-free environments and meet high-level requirements. Trust Kinema for reliable and efficient rapid roll door solutions to enhance your industrial or commercial space.


Automation systems

Kinema offers a wide range of automation solutions for various access systems from trusted European producers. Our product range includes automation for overhead doors, barrier gates, other types of gates, receivers, photocells, and smart solutions. Whether you’re looking to improve security, increase efficiency or enhance the functionality of your access systems, Kinema has the solution for you. Trust us to provide reliable and high-quality automation products to meet your needs.


Loading dock equipment

Efficiently and safely load and unload cargo with Kinema’s loading dock equipment. Our equipment bridges the gap between the loading platform and truck, ensuring smooth and safe operations. Made of durable steel and equipped with user-friendly control systems, our loading dock equipment not only improves safety but also maximizes the use of indoor space.

Our loading dock equipment is designed with high load capacity and can easily adapt to the height differences of vehicles during loading and unloading. It is also capable of maintaining a fully supported horizontal position.

Overhead doors and dock levellers are complex systems, and it’s wise to consult an expert during the design process of a new building or when replacing old doors. At Kinema, we have 30 years of experience in this field and our team of experts can work with you to understand your specific needs and necessary work processes, providing tailored solutions to meet your requirements. We also have a dedicated maintenance team to ensure the longevity and smooth operation of our products.


Parking systems

Setting up a parking system is the easiest way to restrict vehicle access to your premises. Modern parking systems are remote-controlled, weatherproof, and durable even upon contact with vehicles. Parking systems are installed to ensure the safety and security of foreign embassies, state agencies and buildings, as well as to protect and limit access to sensitive areas.