Agricultural systems

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Agricultural windbreaks

Windbreaks are primarily used in agricultural buildings, such as barns, stables and storage buildings, to protect livestock from wind and rain. In addition to effective weather protection, windbreaks also offer good ventilation and lighting. Compared to tarpaulin, windbreak mesh is more durable and requires no maintenance. With UV protection and always cut to size, windbreaks are able to fit all openings.

  • This product can withstand heavy winds, staying in place even in a blizzard.
  • The fabrics used in the production of this product have been tested in northern weather conditions.
  • Thanks to the design, the fabric can also be rolled up above the opening, taking up only the minimum amount of space.

All products are manufactured according to the specific dimensions of the opening.



Agricultural doors are used in places where regular overhead doors cannot be installed. For instance, agridoors can be mounted on the external wall of the building if there is not enough space inside, making full use of the entire height and width of the opening. Agridoors can withstand both heavy winds and extreme heat.

The heavy-duty fabrics used in the production of agridoors have been designed with northern weather conditions in mind.

Agridoors are only made according to the dimensions provided by the client.

  • What is more, agricultural doors are incredibly lightweight. Thanks to carefully selected fabrics, these doors can also be used for ventilation.
  • The doors open from the bottom upwards. Our product range includes hand winch and automatic agridoors with horizontal stiffeners.
  • The total weight of the door is borne by the top shaft. The door runs along side guide rails and is fitted with special gaskets to minimise wear and tear.
  • The door is driven by a tubular motor at the end of the shaft which can be operated manually or by means of a remote control.

Agricultural ventilation systems

Agricultural ventilation systems create the best possible environment in livestock buildings, as air quality plays a key role in ensuring the health, welfare and productivity of the animals. The curtains and windbreaks used in agricultural ventilation systems provide more effective air circulation than windows and protect livestock from direct wind.

Agricultural ventilation systems can be combined with an automation system that adjusts the indoor temperature and air flow according to the outdoor air. Thanks to weatherproof and durable materials, ventilation systems help to ensure the health and welfare of animals.

  • Top and bottom opening functions are generally used in ventilation systems.
  • Our product range also includes variants with a central roller for larger opening heights.
  • All systems can be fitted with temperature, wind velocity and rain sensors for even more convenience.

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