Accessories for operators

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Accessories for operators

If you are looking to upgrade your gate or door security systems, accessories for operators are for you. We have a wide selection of products that allow you to create your own bespoke solution. Available products are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

With the help of operator accessories, you can create a custom automation system for your gate or overhead door.

  • Pull switch. Pull switches are widely used by forklift operators as they allow doors to be opened and closed without exiting the vehicle. Pull switches with an approx. five-metre cord can be installed in virtually all spaces, regardless of the structural solution.
  • Push button. Push buttons are primarily used for allowing access to pedestrians. Push buttons are easy and convenient to use.
  • Induction loops. These specialised sensors are placed under the floor coverings around a designated area. The inductive loop detectors create a magnetic field and can thus detect nearby metal objects. Induction loops are an ideal solution for areas where forklifts and cars operate.
  • Additional remote controls. The safety and security of the automation system are just as important as its ease of use. Additional remote controls for automation systems can be ordered HERE.
  • Photocells. Photocells are easy-to-install safety devices. They detect obstacles in the path of your automated door or gate. The gate or door remains open until the beam between the photocells is blocked.

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