Industrial loading dock equipment

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Industrial loading dock equipment is used to bridge the gap between the loading platform and the truck. Loading dock equipment is safe, mostly made from steel, fitted with convenient and safe control systems, and allows for better use of indoor areas.

A loading system consists of a dock leveller and platform, the rear connection of which is supported by the hinge lip level with the loading surface, and telescopic lip at the front. When open, Kinema telescopic-lip dock levellers create a bump-free connection between the vehicle bed and loading surface, they adapt to the angle of the vehicle bed, adjust their position sideways, and create a stable connection with the vehicle bed.


With a high load capacity, Kinema loading dock equipment can easily adapt to the height differences of vehicles for the duration of loading and unloading, while also being fully supported in a horizontal position. Dock levellers are electronically controlled by means of hydraulic cylinders.

Telescopic-lip dock levellers make use of several lips of different widths, allowing for automatic adjustment and preparation of vehicles with narrower beds for loading. Loading dock equipment is designed and manufactured to offer the highest possible level of safety during operation, provided that all safety instructions are followed. Only properly trained employees are allowed to use loading dock equipment.

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Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are used to move goods and products between different levels in warehouses and production halls. Compared to cargo lifts, the advantages of scissor lifts are smooth movement, the option to stop them at any position, and the affordable price.

Our product range includes scissor lifts manufactured by a Swedish company, Marco. Marco is a leading manufacturer of scissor lifts in Scandinavia whose long-term experience in the field delivers high-quality and easy-to-operate scissor lifts.


Dock levellers

Dock levellers are used to bridge the gap between the loading platform and the truck. In the selection of dock levellers, the following aspects should be taken into account: everyday needs, the design of the building, intensity of traffic, the types and heights of vehicles, and the properties of the vehicles used for loading.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality dock levellers manufactured in co-operation with the leading manufacturers in Europe.


Dock seals

Increasingly stricter requirements are being imposed on sealing docks. Dock seals provide an effective barrier against the elements during the entire loading and unloading process, while also reducing heat loss and preventing draught.

Essential for production facilities and logistics centres, dock seals are installed in front of overhead doors, in the openings of loadhouses or on the walls of production facilities.


Dock plates

Suitable for all purposes, dock plates are an essential tool for loading goods in the absence of a dock leveller. Dock plates are a suitable solution for enterprises who wish to safely and conveniently unload goods from the vehicle onto a loading dock or platform.

The weight of the vehicle decreases as goods are unloaded and the bed of the vehicle rises higher. Dock plates automatically adjust the height, ensuring a level connection between the vehicle bed and loading dock or platform during the entire loading process.