Boom barriers

30 years experience
18 helpful technicians
16 00 maintenance and repair work per year

High-quality and extremely durable

Barrier gates are the easiest way to restrict unauthorised access to your premises and save space. Barrier gates open quickly and can be remotely controlled in various ways. In addition, barrier gates can also be opened manually in the event of a power outage, for instance.

Made from weatherproof and long-lasting materials, FAAC barrier gates are high-quality and extremely strong and durable. The casing of barrier gates is finished with painted steel and the bars with painted aluminium. Depending on the type of barrier gate, an electro-mechanical or hydraulic method is used.


Barrier gates can be controlled by different means:

  • GSM device;
  • remote control;
  • magnetic card;
  • underground sensors or radar systems.

Opportunities for custom solutions

Kinema barrier gates are made for businesses, apartment associations, city and municipal agencies, as well as private customers. Options with different opening speeds and bar lengths (2–7 m) are available, including round and square bars. We also offer barrier bars with LED lighting.

In the case of light and medium traffic, simpler electro-mechanical barrier gates are mainly used. The maximum length of an electro-mechanical barrier gate is 4 metres. Hydraulic barrier gates are ideal for medium, high and extremely high traffic areas. Depending on the model, the barrier bar has a length of 5 to 7 metres. The service life of barrier gates depends on use and maintenance frequency.


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