24/7 maintenance and repair all over Estonia

30 years experience
18 helpful technicians
16 00 maintenance and repair work per year

Regular maintenance is crucial

We offer maintenance and repair services for all our products as well as products installed by others. Contact us to speak directly with a technician – we are always happy to help.

  • residential garage doors and gate automation
  • industrial overhead doors and loading dock equipment
  • bollards, barrier gates
  • rapid roll doors, cold room doors, fabric doors, double swinging doors, folding doors, fire doors
  • automation, remote controls, smart solutions
Call 12160 or write hooldus@kinema.eu
Quick response across Estonia
In the case of a maintenance contract, the departure fee does not apply and spare parts are 10% cheaper
We provide priority assistance to loyal customers with a maintenance contract – within 24 hours.

Maintenance includes the following work

Manually operated devices
  • We check the functioning and balance of the device.
  • We assess the working order of wire ropes, springs, hinges, and rollers, as well as the need of lubrication of all fittings.
  • We check all seals and fixings.
  • We tighten the screws.
  • We adjust springs and vertical guide rails.
Electrical equipment
  • We adjust pivots.
  • We check safety gaskets.
  • We check buttons and switches.
  • We check the oil in the casing of the drive.

Ordering maintenance or repairs

One-time maintenance

We will provide maintenance for your door or gate even if you have not concluded a maintenance contract. We offer maintenance service to ensure the long, safe and issue-free operational life of products. Invite a Kinema technician to inspect your devices, consult with you, and answer all your questions.

Maintenance contract

A maintenance contract is the best way to ensure maximum durability of your garage door or access device at an affordable price. No monthly fee! Entrust the safety of your doors to Kinema and sleep safe and sound!


Improper repair of any door, device or automation system may cause irreversible damage. Leave the repair work to the professionals! Invite an experienced Kinema specialist to take a look.

Hourly rate
60 € + km
Visit charge
50 € + km
Hourly rate outside normal working hours
120 € + km*
* Hourly rate of outside normal working hours starts upos departure of our technician and ends upon arrival back to technicians starting place.

Benefits of a contractual client

With maintenance contractWithout maintenance contract
Väljakutsetele vastamine 24h 24h
Remonttööde teostamine** Within 24h Within 72h
Visit chargeNo* Yes (visit charge 50€ +VAT)
Maintenance feeFixed feeAgreed feed
Discount for spare parts-10% -
Frequency of maintenanceAs agreed (e.g. twice a year)One-time order
Hourly rate of technician55€ +VAT*** 60€ +VAT***

* Visit charge 50€ + VAT only applies outside normal working hours
** Delivery time of spare parts may affect the deadline for repairs
*** Outside normal working hours, the hourly rate of a technician is 120€ +VAT. Hourly rate of outside normal working hours starts upos departure of our technician and ends upon arrival back to technicians starting place.

In order to provide a fast maintenance and repair service, we have created a practical warehouse and information system to ensure the availability of most commonly used spare parts.

Got a larger site?

If your building has a high number of access systems, we will map the maintenance frequency of all devices. We will take care of the equipment. You can focus on what you do best!

Three simple steps:

  1. Contact us
  2. Site visit by our technician – FREE mapping
  3. Personal maintenance contract offer
Klaukse tee 1
“The technician was very friendly, and in every way the best specialist in his field, who, in addition to maintenance, gave good advice and also offered solutions for ongoing repairs. At the same time, along with the maintenance, he immediately performed several additional and corrective works. In addition, he shared assessments of the state of the doors and recommendations for the future. If only there were more such positive and cooperative technicians.”
Ain Kurvits
Ain Kurvits AS Eesti Liinirongid, Real estate management specialist

“During daily work, one door was damaged. Kinema’s response time met expectations, the door was repaired quickly, and in addition to this door, the technician also inspected other doors and performed the necessary maintenance work. We are completely satisfied.”

Kasper Peder
Hilding Anders, Warehouse manager

„ Kookon Smart Warehouses have cooperated with Kinema for six years and ordered a total of 210 overhead doors from Kinema during this time. The products and services offered by Kinema meet Kookon’s standard requirements. The remote control of the Kinema doors works perfectly through the Kookon´s app. As a result of the positive cooperation, we trust Kinema to order an additional 300 overhead doors in the coming years.“

Mikk Arakas
Kookon Nutilaod, board member
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