Dock plates

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Suitable for all purposes, dock plates are an essential tool for loading goods in the absence of a dock leveller. Dock plates are a suitable solution for enterprises who wish to safely and conveniently unload goods from the vehicle onto a loading dock or platform.

The weight of the vehicle decreases as goods are unloaded and the bed of the vehicle rises higher. Dock plates automatically adjust the height, ensuring a level connection between the vehicle bed and loading dock or platform during the entire loading process.


A variety of widths and lengths

  • Dock plates are the best solution for unloading goods in the absence of a hydraulic dock leveller or in cases where the height difference between the loading dock and vehicle is not significant.
  • Dock plates are weatherproof and made from highly durable steel or aluminium. Dock plates can be moved up and down manually. In addition, aluminium dock plates are lightweight and easy to use.
  • Dock plates ensure safe and convenient movement between the vehicle and loading dock, speeding up the unloading process.

Dock plates are available in different widths and lengths.


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