Rapid roll doors

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Products comply with the RoHS Directive

Rapid roll doors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Studies have shown that rapid roll doors have a significant impact on the energy consumption of industrial buildings.

Rapid roll door solutions are ideal for use in a variety of industrial establishments and the food industry.

Considering the fact that industrial buildings must meet higher energy efficiency standards, the effects of outdoor temperature can be fully minimised with the use of rapid roll doors. Thanks to fast opening and closing speeds (1–2 m/s), the doors are effective against draughts and help maintain the indoor climate. Airtight rapid roll door solutions also meet the high requirements of enterprises with dust-free environments.


Doors made according to opening dimensions

  • All rolling doors are equipped with an electric motor and can be manually opened in the event of a power outage.
  • In the case of a power failure, rapid roll doors are powered by a battery (UPS battery solution).
  • Kinema rapid roll doors are durable, reliable, and meet high safety requirements (selection includes a safety curtain, standard equipment includes an air sensor).
  • For high-risk buildings where vehicles can drive into the door sheet or curtain, we offer a self-reinserting rapid roll door which can automatically reinsert itself in its guides, ensuring normal functioning of the door upon opening and closing.
  • A rapid roll door solution includes brush seal metal profiles, the horizontal roll of which is made from steel, while the bottom part of the door is made from aluminium.
  • Rapid roll doors are available in standard colours: blue, yellow, orange, black, white, red, beige, grey. We also offer doors made from transparent fabric.
  • Doors with windows can be ordered upon request.

Safety is important

Kinema is extremely thorough when it comes to the selection of raw materials, giving increasingly more preference to recycled materials. Our products are unleaded and comply with the RoHS Directive.

The doors are made from PVC, we offer a choice between materials of different levels of thickness. Insulation, opening and closing speed, and opening height of the door play an important role if the door is frequently used. For the purposes of energy efficiency, automatic rapid roll doors can also be programmed to open only partially.

All automatic doors, including rapid roll doors, comply with the European safety standard EN 13241-1, ensuring the safe use, installation and maintenance of doors.


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