Fire resistant doors

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Fire resistant doors

Kinema fire resistant doors are reliable and offer protection, making them perfect for use in various industrial and commercial buildings to separate different fire compartments.

As a standard solution, steel fire doors that meet high requirements are galvanized or finished with powder coating. Fire doors are used in buildings and rooms subject to fire resistance requirements. Kinema offers sliding fire doors with the following fire resistance classes: EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60, EI90 and EI120.

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Do you know what you need?

All doors are manufactured according to the dimensions of the specific opening. A passage door can be built into the sliding fire door which is also equipped with a locking handle or panic bar, depending on the number of people to be evacuated. We manufacture fire doors for openings up to 16,000 × 6,000 mm (width × height).

There are different options for installing the sliding fire door below or to a lintel. In addition, the door can be mounted on a metal frame coated with fire-resistant paint.

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Safety is important

  • All sliding fire doors are equipped with a magnetic lock that keeps the door open in the normal position and opens the sliding fire door when the automatic fire alarm system is activated or a fire hazard occurs.
  • Depending on the structural features of the building, we offer overhead fire resistant doors with the following fire-resistance classes: EI15, EI30, EI60.
  • Overhead fire resistant doors are motorised and connected to the automatic fire alarm system of the building.
  • All Kinema fire doors comply with established fire resistance standards and requirements and have the relevant certificates.
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