Industrial fire rated doors – questions and answers

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Public and industrial buildings are divided into fire sections to ensure safety. The doors separating these sections must meet specific requirements for fire doors. These requirements are usually determined on a case-by-case basis and are dependent on the building’s use and location. To help with common questions about fire doors and their maintenance, Kinema has provided some information.

When is a fire door required?

A fire door is usually required when a building is divided into different fire sections for safety or when a building is less than 8 meters away from another building. The need for a fire door is determined during construction, renovation, or planning.

What is the fire resistance of a fire door, and how is it tested?

The fire resistance of a fire door is indicated by the EI label, where E represents tightness, and I represents insulation. For example, a door marked EI30 must remain tight and insulating for 30 minutes. The purpose of fire-resistant products is to slow down the spread of fire so that people have time to exit the building. Kinema’s fire doors meet Estonian construction requirements and are tested in an accredited laboratory according to strict standards.

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What materials are fire doors made of?

The fire door suitable for each object is selected based on the required fire class, the way the door is used, the fire load of the building, the location of the fire zone, and the dimensions of the door opening. Kinema’s experts are available to help you choose the right door and possible automation.

How should a fire door be maintained?

The condition and operation of a fire door must be regularly checked and tested in accordance with the maintenance and operating instructions supplied with the door. Kinema recommends testing the door closing every month, especially if the door is constantly open. If any problems are detected, an authorized maintenance company must be contacted immediately to maintain the door and ensure its safety.

What are the requirements for installing fire doors?

nema’s fire doors can be installed in a load-bearing planar structure with a sufficient fire rating. Installation requirements vary depending on the type of door and associated automation. The maximum width of the Kinema steel fire door is 16,000 mm, and the maximum height is 6,000 mm. The door installation requirements should be checked with the door manufacturer before ordering the door.

Does the fire door have a warranty?

Kinema’s fire doors have a two-year warranty period that begins when the door is installed and checked for its working order. The warranty applies to material and manufacturing defects.

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