Dock seals

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Increasingly stricter requirements are being imposed on sealing docks. Dock seals provide an effective barrier against the elements during the entire loading and unloading process, while also reducing heat loss and preventing draught.

Essential for production facilities and logistics centres, dock seals are installed in front of overhead doors, in the openings of loadhouses or on the walls of production facilities.


For vehicles of all sizes

  • Kinema dock seals have a flexible aluminium structure that minimises seal breakage in the event of impact due to the truck backing up.
  • The dock seal standard solution includes an integrated rain channel.
  • Covers are installed without screws to prevent damage to trailers.
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Inflatable dock seals

Compared with curtain-type dock seals, inflatable dock seals have better sealing performance. An inflatable dock seal establishes an airtight seal between the truck and warehouse, exceeding users’ normal requirements by severalfold. When the dock seal is not in use, it is completely retracted behind the side structures, allowing the vehicle driver to use the complete width of the loading bay when backing into it. In addition, yellow front line indicators further facilitate backing into the dock. Stable collision protectors at the ramp height protect loading dock equipment from impact damage.

The inflatable dock seal is installed in a frame construction covered by insulated panels, providing additional insulation effects. The side and top inflatable airbags are made of impact resistant material with a strong, woven core. In addition, the material is non-flammable and highly resistant to weather impacts.

Dock seals thus have a simple but durable structure and have been constructed with different weather conditions in mind. Dock seals are available in standard and custom sizes. All materials have been examined and they meet all European requirements. Proper use and regular maintenance guarantee the long service life of the product.


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