Industrial door operators

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Industrial operator equipment

Industrial door operators are the easiest way to open and close industrial overhead doors with just one press of a button.

For the operators for industrial overhead doors, Kinema offers a range of MFZ OVITOR industrial operator equipment made in Finland that is top-class in terms of both quality and properties.

MFZ OVITOR industrial operator equipment is reliable, functional, and has high quality.


Reliability, functionality, quality

  • Thanks to compact design, door operator equipment can easily be installed in tight spaces.
  • Highly durable materials have been used in the production of these products.
  • The casings of motors are made from aluminium to minimise weight, while the casings of control centres are made from high-quality plastic.
  • Both motors and control centres have a high IP rating and can be used in damp environments.

The automatic control centre of an industrial door motor is mounted on a nearby wall. Operator equipment has a modern design and the products are fitted with adjustable limit switches and control accessories. Depending on your needs and the size and use frequency of the door, you can choose between a wide variety of accessories to create your own custom system.


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