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What could be better than being welcomed home with open arms? When driving in already feels like a welcoming experience! Like with Kinema’s garage doors. In the evening after a long working day, in the autumn when it’s really windy or in the winter when just the thought of getting out makes you shiver all over then your Kinema garage door will open at the push of a button and automatically welcome you home. After all, Kinema has got just the right solution for your garage. No matter whether it’s for a new building or renovation of your existing garage, Automatic garage door systems from Kinema are always your best choice. Below, we offer you a choice of sectional and up + over doors, together with matching garage side doors, garage door operators and other accessories.

Are RAL-colors too boring for You ? We have a solution – a custom designed garage door!

We offer our clients the best possible choice, when it comes to the design and quality of the garage door.
Now You can order a garage door with Your favourite picture or design. Match Your garage door to Your house, garden or Your fence.
Contact our sales department to get the best solution for You.
Requirements for a first-class solution garage door are listed here:

  • Smooth garage door outer surface.
  • High resolution picture or graphics to make Your door to stand out.

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