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Solution-oriented product development

All of our developments and services aim to create added value for our customers. Over years of working with our customers from all sectors of industry, we have been able to continuously adapt our solution-oriented range to their needs and requirements.The choice of the right make, type and version of an industrial door is crucial since the right product can optimize logistics processes and cut costs. The sectional door is the most common solution for sealing off openings to the outside on industrial buildings. A sectional door enhances the external appearance of any industrial building, provides a sturdy and secure seal to the outside, has good insulation properties and, not least, is safe and easy to operate.

Industrial parks

Anyone who visits an industrial park nowadays is quite often pleasantly surprised by the design of the buildings. The external appearance of an industrial building is no longer dictated by functionality and efficiency. Customized designs and the use of exclusive materials are generally the norm rather than the exception. As a result, the term “industrial zone” is frequently being replaced with “industrial park”.Since these industrial parks often border residential areas, local councils frequently specify enhanced requirements in terms of the design, shape and color of the industrial buildings. The new range of Kinema sectional doors is utterly in keeping with this trend. They give a modern architect all of the means and options for turning an industrial door into something special.

Utility and commercial buildings

The suitability of Kinema sectional doors is, however, not just restricted to industrial buildings. Our doors can also be found on fire stations, bus depots, car repair shops, exhibition facilities and distribution centers. Depending on the function performed in the rooms behind the doors, you can choose between doors that are completely closed or completely glazed – for maximum light incidence. Thanks to the options for combining colors, panels and fillings, the possible scope for designing the door leaf is enormous.

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